Cambridge, UK/Mexico City, MX 

...made a familiar city feel suddenly new again...a captivating and transporting experience...like nothing I’ve seen — or done — before.
— Craig Pearson

When my collaborator, Melina Gaze, and I found ourselves separated by an ocean, instead of viewing our distance as a limitation, we decided to embrace it as a fertile new condition to explore. Written and brought to life across two different cities, Were She To Work/Si Ella Trabajara was our first attempt at developing a transnational practice and production. Participants in both Cambridge and Mexico City step into a character's stream of consciousness through a mixture of pre-recorded first-person monologues and live interactions. Following the sounds of the character's footsteps, participants are lead through museums, city streets and apartments in an ambulatory experience for one. Each of the characters' thoughts forms a interlocking part of a larger, global narrative that weaves together the two different cities. 

PART 1: CAMBRIDGE was presented in July 2015. PART 2: CDMX was presented April 2016.