PERFORMER, in collaboration with Essex-Olivares

Shoot the Lobster, 540 W 29th Street, NYC

Drawing from the possibility of translation between image and sound, Olivares and Essex have created a visual and text-based score inspired by post-production foley techniques. With the consultation of Marko Costanzo, a veteran Hollywood foley artist (Brokeback MountainCrouching Tiger Hidden Dragon,Ice Age), the artists have reinterpreted cinematic sound effects as a system of musical elements.

Ten performers cycle through a variety of roles ranging from quotidian gestures to highly choreographed musical events. Everyday sounds are meticulously recreated by a small ensemble of instrumentalists; physical actions are dramatically and rhythmically amplified. A series of seemingly senseless events cue reactions within the group, in an evolving and organic accretion of sound. 

Furniture by Valerie Keane.
Performers:  Leila Bordreuil (cello), Theo Di Castri, Eve Essex, Alex Field, Jeremy Fischer, Ted Gordon (viola), Nicole Louie, Matt Marble, James Mercer, Juan Antonio Olivares.
Special thanks to Marko Costanzo.